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Portland, OR

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Black Friday…
We will go out into the community and inform the sheeple that their buying ways are making the 1% muchas dinero, encourage dialogue with people, ask them to not buy new shit, make some shit, or buy some used crap at a fuckin place owned locally… Love you suckajaweeas… Fuck the War on Iran… This action is encouraged everywhere, talk to your local #OccupyTogether location, if you don’t have one, make a fuckin occupation, bitches…

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@MJDHaro on twitter


#OpLobby / #OpCLGC

OK, Anonymous, here is the plan…

The treasure is Sam Geduldig’s wide open Facebook – 669 people and it looks like half of them are D.C. operatives, with many being Congressional staff.

We can easily determine which Congressional offices they work for, what we need help with is rapidly turning their friends lists into PDF files.

Assuming you’re on Windows, go get a copy of CutePDF and install it so you can print to PDF. Go to each of Geduldig’s friend’s contact lists, pagedown till you have them all, then print. Use landscape format and print in color.

Once you’re done collecting go get a throw away Scribd account. Post the PDF of the friends list there, and include the names of the person as the TITLE, the URL to their Facebook profile in the DESCRIPTION, and tag the PDF with #OpCLGC.

Once your PDF is uploaded tweet into #OpCLGC with the URL of the PDF, the URL of the Facebook profile, and the person’s name or post your findings to this blog post as a comment below and tweet the post.

The big picture here is that we want a list of Representatives and Senators who are going to lose their jobs in 2012.

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