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Spokane WA

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920 W Riverside Ave

Jerry Laberdee, is not

a name, or a cause, or a casualty of this “War on Drugs”. He is the man who

raised 5 children even though he was barely 20 years old when
oldest was born, he stuck around and did the best he could do.

He said (with all the sincerity in the world) “You have what

it takes to do anything you want in life. ANYTHING in the world is yours if you

want it” he would say to me. “But you have to be willing to work really hard

for it” He continued on to say “if you want to go to Harvard, you can. That’s

the beauty of America; you don’t have to be poor just because you grew up poor”

Now those words dangle from the tip each letter being pushed off one at a time like a train de-railing.

T-h-a-t-s t-h-e b-e-a-u-t-y o-f A-m-e-r-i-c-a.


taugh to question authority. He said that a good government WANTS you to

question what they are doing. Only bad governments discourage questions. Learn it now each day as he sits in jail unable to

eat, that if we are too afraid to question authority then we are a disgrace to

the men who founded this country. They fought and died for THEIR children and

their children’s children to live in a land free from tyranny. We are those

children! We have to continue to make a stance against the unjust. Not just for Jerry but for all Americans.

The media has fed our minds for so

long to believe that people who question authority are cynical, hippies or just

plain paranoid. What a sad state of affairs, when people who stand up for the

Constitution of the United States

are viewed as cynics or extremists. Our ancestors would be ashamed to see this.

Something everybody needs to know

is that U.S. Federal Code Title 21 Sec. 812 Paragraph B states that in order

for something to be a Schedule 1 Drug it must have “no current medical value”.

Therefore marijuana should not be listed as a schedule 1 drug. The Federal

Government provides marijuana to some patients, and therefore they clearly

acknowledge that it does have current medical value. This means that due

process has not been achieved, and the 5th amendment says that “no

person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process

of law”.

Jerry is

in jail on a hunger strike because he is being deprived of his life, liberty

and property without due process of law.

There will be a rally on
September 2nd at

10:00 the Federal Buildingin Spokane Washington


It is my hope that people will come from all over the country to support the
man who is supporting our civil rights.

Action organizer/Contact:


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