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Santos,São Paulo,Brazil

Day of week:

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Month of year:


Action details:
The movement was created in Brazil by Anonymous
Controversial Masked support, and needs your help
to really cause any effect.

We expect the contribution of all the weary
with the real current situation of Brazil and worried
with a better future.
Look for support in schools, unions, and disseminate
the cause.
Draw attention of anyone who seeks change and
make a difference.

No matter age, sex, religion, color.
We are all citizens, and we all want the best
for our nation, right?

Enough to remain silent and to promote impunity for every politician
corrupt that does what it pleases with our money.

Our goal is to protest against corruption in Brazil
and reverse this situation of impunity that makes dirty politicians continue to abuse the power they have.

No longer. So if you have this feeling in my chest!
Let the real Independence Day in Brazil!
We are organizing in different cities of Brazil,
invite your friends to this operation.

Action organizer/Contact:
Organizer Blant in coast of Brazil / contact @blant23


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