New Form Entry: #OpESR Actions

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Submitted Information:

Houston TX

Day of week:

Day the month:

Month of year:


Action details:
Houston Branch, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
1801 Allen Parkway
Houston, TX

Friday, June 24 · 4:00pm – 8:00pm

Come on out and fight for what is right (or against what is wrong)! Bring your signs, posters, frisbees, food, or whatever else you would like to Eleanor Tinsley Park! There will be lots of great new people out so come join the fun!

Timing is not the most important issue, we all have our own lives to attend to so being on time doesnt always happen. But try to make it out any time that you can!

Signs could include but not limited to: Support H.R. 459 to Audit & H.R. 1094, END THE FED, No More Bailouts, Stop the Banksters, Bernanke is a corporate fascist, honk for sound currency. Be creative

Action organizer/Contact:
@TX_ESR and @Houstonisfree on twitter


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