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panama city, panama

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Evening till 00h30, on Tuesday, 14 June 2011, at Plaza Bolivar, Historic Center (Casco Viejo), Panama City, Republic of Panama. Hand painted a poster 24×36: “Geithner, OUT NOW.”

Today, Wednesday, 15 June, 16,17,18, 2011, will protest at Plaza Bolivar, these evenings to midnight or till it rains.

On Wednesday, 15 June, evening, the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Panama is having a party with hundreds at the Chancery, across from Plaza Bolivar, Avenida “B” and Calle 3ra Este, Casco Viejo; Panama City, Republic of Panama. Prominent business, finance, foreign and local socialites will see the Posters: “Bernanke, OUT NOW.” and “Geithner, OUT NOW.”

Why protest to oust Bernanke in Panama? Panama was created in 1903 to use the USA Dollar. Panama has no control over monetary policy, very limited control over fiscal policy.

How do I post Panama activity pictures to this OpESR site and have pictures posted on Google Map $ location for Panama? Call me or MSM Yahoo “josefponce”

Action organizer/Contact: (507) 6599-5679 “Bernanke, OUT NOW”


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