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new york

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Operation Blind Eagle.

If you think sitting on the internet makes you feel like you are helpless, you ar wrong. We can shut down the US NATO war machine from functioning by making it blind. All internet and phone traffioc is monitored by the US, and all refernces to Bombs, nuclear, attacks, times dates, cities human targets, like Obama, Cameron, Prince william and Kate Middleton etc are picked up and analyzed. If they cannot do this they are blind.

Operation Blind Eagle is to get everyone to post qusstions on every internet link, every You tube page they can find, do not make threats, or make false claims, simply ask questions like :

Is it true there is a Nuclear Bomb in london:

is it true that 2000 libyan soliders are advancing on CIA positions in Benghazi:

Is it true that a sniper has been hired to Assasinate Kate Middleton:

Is it true that tonight at 10pm a nuclear bomb will go off in new york.:

Is the library of Congress on fire, was it attacked?

Is there a bomb threat on the staue of Liberty?

Is there a threat to set of a fuel tanker bomb in the french english tunnel?

Make up your own questions.

It is not illegal to ask questions, and with thousand of people posting every day they will be blind, they will not know what is a question and what is a real threat by those who are fighting the NATO Nazis.

If they cannot defend themselves from real attacks, then they can now feel like libyan children. Is Americas safety worth staying in Libya? Blind them, stop the british from being able to protect the royals, stop the French from being able to protect their president.

Share and post the operation details above for the day and start posting also.

Operation Blind eagle runs from today until the 21st of June, the day of the equinox


Action organizer/Contact:


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