New Form Entry: #OpESR Actions

You’ve just received a new submission to your OpESR Actions.

Submitted Information:

Washington D.C.

Day of week:

Day the month:

Month of year:


Action details:
Federal Reserve Board
2001 C Street
Washington D.C., DC 20001
Date: 6/14/11
Time: 11AM – 1PM

RSVP: (Optional) Tweet with the words GOING TO #DC #FED #OpESR in your tweet
Details: Remain on sidewalk. This is not an event intended for entry of federal or private property. When at the federal building take care to avoid obstruction of vehicle entryways to federal property (these are typically guardposted). Please note that if you are taking photographs or filming the event, DHS (Department of Homeland Security) regulations allow you to take imagery from a public way such as a sidewalk, of the exterior of federal building, and the surrounding area. Move away from the federal building if guard staff instruct you to do so or if the staff appear agitated about you or your technology.

Action organizer/Contact: (not set up for general use yet)


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